Mon, Sep 26, 2022

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Sometimes you need data to back up a current or future project and you can’t find the right information. Maybe you’re looking for information from your employees or customers, but want to be able to guarantee anonymity for respondents.  A bespoke survey can be the answer.

Bespoke surveys are flexible and individual to you as the commissioning company and are designed to meet your specific information needs.

We will discuss with you the parameters of the information needed and a list of target participants.  We will then develop the questions and agree a structure for possible answers and choices.  Perhaps for certain answers, the questionnaire should intelligently change dynamically to avoid meaningless questions to a given respondent?

Next the questionnaire will be developed and provided it to you for approval or amendment, before access is granted to the pool of respondents.  During the data gathering we will provide on-going support to those taking part.

We then cleanse and analyse the returned data, before providing it and a detailed report to you and your colleagues.

When you need this sort of confidential, professionally designed data gathering, let Dunhall Associates provide the solution!